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Saturday, April 13, 2013


      Reading through some of my old journals and sketchbooks. Looks like the younger me was brash, wild but wiser when it came to judging peoples character. Old sketches are terrible but impart their own wisdom as well. Well I like to believe the sketches had wisdom and the writings were just pysco-babble. An excerpt of an old writing:

       Love...not as much an illogical emotion as much as it is a imaginary concept attached to an overwhelming desire. Inevitably only ending in not only pain but dragging us through every other actual emotion  belonging to both the positive and negative sides; Passion, hate, jealousy, sympathy, anger each of which inhibit ones better judgment in every conceivable way. We do and allow people to do to us things we'd never tolerate, or would imagine ourselves ever doing. I believe it is the furthest point in which we can allow a person to invade our minds and while our perception is destroyed and warped so does our theory of what love is. Stockholm syndrome, abusive relationships, cheating, becoming a slave, or even supporting people who would never support you.-

    I'm going to stop there. Not for lack of content, but if you thought I ramble now you should have seen the old me. Or at least stayed up all hearing the thoughts. Or not. I have a picture I call purple muck. Not as much of a drawing anymore... Maybe when I spend less time reading depressing stuff I'll come back and finish it.   

Friday, April 12, 2013

What else to lose?

I really used to be concerned about people stealing creative ideas but now at this particular point in my life I really don't care. Better someone get inspired from one almost good ides rather than a million ideas dying with me. So this is a character concept from my Arrow comic named Alisha. I was to either to lazy to draw a shirt or she was just too cool for one. Your choice. And despite that last picture half (or completely) naked women are not my only concern. Whe... No not going to clarify that. 
On the thought of restriction... 
    Why is "restraint" such a relative thing? If exercised on emotions, consumption, thoughts it is a sign of maturity and cleverness. However this same "restraint" can be seen by others as weakness, opportunity or spinelessness(that is a lot of "s"). This fine line is where we determine if others are judged as reckless, calm, impatient, testy, timid and repressed. I find this interesting because everyone has a threshold of what they can take before pushed past their line where they no long restrain themselves. Not only for themselves but how far they will allow specific people in their own lives push and bend that line. For something that can be the difference ordinary and complete insanity it is a very flexible thing. 
   Or is it? More rigid people may 'snap' more often, but would that keep people from invading deep in to their social comfort zone? That would allow flexible people to be pushed closer to the limits of their own social limitations. This is all a ranting theory however but the thought made me think about how relative our tolerance of each other and our relationships really are.          

Thursday, April 11, 2013

I had this pic but, what had happened was..

                  Well i finally got this picture up loaded... it's about gd time, had to switch browsers cause fire fox wants to be... nevermind. (red is apparently me mad) 

              I don't even remember what i was going to write about this pic... It was a concept i drew a while ago when I was in college for a story I think I was calling "out of the ordinary". However I could be wrong, my roommate Josh Medcalf loved the concept and I gave it to him so that might have been what he was calling it... Anyway Josh and wrote a short story that was way more interesting that the juice-box drug induced nightmare i had thought up. Now here's the part where I'd say this is the pic that started it all... Except it wasn't. I mean who hasn't seen a half naked chick on a cloud before? I think that's been over done- wait.. nevermind.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Thought for the day- maybe the week, If you could do anything with your life, what would you do? Thought of that? Now if you had never learned what that desire was could you be happy with out /doing/becoming it? (that last question is the actual question I'm asking.) Usually this desire helps define who you are (helping people, determination ect.) so what's keeping you from becoming it now? Granted you don't want to grow up to be something like.. a house or something you are disqualified from being just being born. 
        Anyway dusted off an old sketch and inked in... Then got really lazy on the background -_-
        Change of plans, for some reason I cannot upload pics (been trying to last week) so while I figure that part out...