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Monday, March 31, 2008

Strange events

This didn't happen to me it actually happened to my brother and I thought it was entertaining enough that I'd put it up. Well my brother is in high school and they have a pond (know by anyone who attend there as the "Bio-Pond") there. Needless to say there are geese and other types of creatures that hang out around it and he's always telling me about how someones getting chased by something nearby it. Well this time two geese moved (as geese are know to do) over to one of the traveling paths in between two of the buildings. Any way the geese for some reason or another were very territorial of this new area and were not letting students by. One of the geese (quite literally) was standing in front of the door fight (and biting) people that neared it. And as youthful as high school students are it seemed that all of them fell to the intimidation of a goose.... Well it was funnier when I heard it.

व्होया! Why an I posting in hindi?

I haven't updated in quite a while... I've been up to a lot of things here and there, and haven't had a lot of time to just sit down and post about everything little thing I've done. Now with my house scanned fixed and consistent sleep hours I should be able to address this blog appropriately. For real this time. No more month breaks. Really. Seriously. :P