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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Collabrative process

These were all made for a project now nearing the end of the production process. The entire project was done between several people.

These are costume designs I was doing for a Fan Fiction based film someone was doing. It was science fiction based but the director desired a very contemporary look. Kinda like the old west and tribal yet still futuristic.

These are character concepts for the graphic novel a friend and I are working on. We disagreed on how "she" should look and we wanted her to be menacing at times but still be able to be both attractive physically and a strong dominate personality. Not brainless eye candy. So it came down to eyes or with out eyes. A decision that still hasn't been totally settled.

Last but not least this was a little sketch I did while at a bar hanging out with some of Chicago's talented comic artist. The theme was robot chicks, even though I had just said I did not like/nor had the ability to draw robots. It's not much compared to theirs but it's something to look at.


After a large array of delays

A random sketch combining things you'd probably never see together.

Pointy ears and facial tatoos

Characters from "Host" a story in production

A random array of character work I've done for people over the years

Monday, July 9, 2007


I've been doing a lot concept art for the comic in the
last month. I'll be putting them up tomorrow. Characters include: Sam, Jason, and several teachers.