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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Biological Technology

I watched movies wondering if I would see the day humans and technology mixed together; Ghost In The Shell, Robocop, Terminator, Akira, ect...
Recently I began to notice it has already begun of course not is the sci-fi cyber punkish ideas we've seen in movies and tv but people on blue-tooth, i-phones. PSP, I-pod and the DS are carried around as if they are an appendage of the person. To think something like this has happened so gradually, so passively it makes me wonder how long will it be before I look back as I am right now trying to remember when people began infusing technology with in their skin or technologically augmenting their abilities. I think of the hearing aid, the pacemaker.
I wonder what type of device would be so incredibly useful for someone to actually attach it to oneself? First what comes to mind would be a memory device, a camera or recording device. Or more likely than that a health related device, but this is obvious because it has already happened as stated above.

Any how it's beginning to seem more likely that I will see such a day when this type of this is not uncommon.
So to say.