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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Alternative Possiblites of Ourself

Recently someone posed a "what if" question to me regarding "me" as a different "me". The question seems to come up every now and then with just about anyone I talk to. At first I thought it was pointless to speculate but then I began to think about the question itself and what purpose it could possibly serve (in others words I was bored) to be asked over and over again with no real answer. I would suppose it is to keep us aware of where we are and where we still can go. By looking at the past situations, and the choices we have made we can see what is within our control and out of our control. Those that are out of our control are just that, and because of that we can only look at how they shaped us (or how we let them shape us). The difference is those types of things hopefully allow us to consider how to respond under situations that are out of our control; what we should draw from the latter (I suppose) is to consider our actions, motives, responses, how we carry them out and where they eventually might put us.
I think this is an exercise that keeps the human mind aware of itself. Most creatures we know of do not have the ability to imagine themselves and how everything is relative (to themselves and everything else). They see things as absolutes and make judgments according to that. For instance, a wolf would not suppose he was a duck, or to an extent, a wolf would not suppose he was a duck being hunted by a wolf. Really this will turn in to off subject rambling. Signing off.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It might has well been millions of years since I've posted. Wow. I could make a million excuses as well but it would probably be more beneficial to take action. Here's a pic I worked on for all of two hours, pondering how much ordinary people mean to us in our lives but create such a lasting effect. Love, hate, idolize or what ever you do to specific people in your life they are still ordinary people working with (in general) everything you (we) have. Nobody in real life has super powers or abilities that the average individual cannot attain on their own, yet still we sit in amazement/awe of what they do. You get on life so take action. Hmmm. Now reading this explination I might have trouble sleeping. :(