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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Can't be all badguys

I think the bad guys get a bad rap... I mean the bad guys were their whole race is "just evil" side. Maybe Orcs originally inhabited middle earth, maybe those villagers set up shop on the bandits sacred burial ground; maybe the lizard men fight for the right to get some sun. Maybe that damn village was just in the way. Whatever the reason, is genocide really the answer?

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Another late night with spellcheck

Late night working on some freelance work a children's book(will post links when I'm done). Did this concept as a warm up. Finally getting familiar with gimp as i was with Photoshop... I'm mad that the spell check just made me capitalize "photoshop". Originally I was really mad when I did this sketch but by the time I brought this in to gimp and finished it... no i was still moody -_- Well any way this is the picture I think was hidden in madness of all that scribble. How is part of a word spelled wrong spell check? it's either wrong or- nevermind. -_- ... WHAT?! "nevermind" isn't a word?! >:( Rubbish. Any how the pic doesn't look so mad.