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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Back in Action

I received my computer back from it's "repairs" and was surprised to find that the memory on it had not been erased. I was excited and resumed what I had been doing weeks before when it had shut down and then i began to think: all of the things that mattered so much that were stored on my computer. Music, scanned images, pictures taken, etc. All intangible, recoverable and not holding any type of monetary or essential value in my life (I made it three weeks without them and assumed they were lost to the hands of the best buy geek squad). Are they really all that important? Memories of times past or favorite songs, what do they really mean to me and do I need them at all?

This made me think of "Fight Club" something along the lines of the things you own slowly begin to own you. They define you. But to who? Yourself? Do you need to define you to yourself? What has life become if we rely on things that can be erased at any moment to define our identity? Time to sleep.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

What is honor other than rules humans have made up to bring order to this chaotic world that they live in? Or should I ask would honor exist in the natural world with out humans?