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Friday, July 12, 2013

My ladies

the two ladies from Feral.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Eyelash in my gin

      There's a reason I don't drink gin, I tend to realize after the fact something I really wish I had taken the time to look at before. Something that if I had been more observant, I would have noticed and led me to make some different decisions, inevitably arriving in a different situation than I wish to find my present self... presently. Story of my life... and story of anyone else who's taken some time to retrospectively critique themselves. Seeing this eyelash at the bottom of my now almost empty glass of gin I begin my realization; seldom do I hold my glass to the light to completely view it's contents: ice hastily fetched by an inebriated artist, poorly rinsed glass, club soda... the choice to even consume gin which I particularly hate. Slowly marching down an undesired path in that can only end in an undesirable conclusion. Then the surprise that the finale is inevitable disappointment; the actual definition of insanity. However the insanity resides only in the mind of the one that has fooled themselves in to believing the fictitious faith they place in an outcome only feasible through a path they chose not to voyage. Song for tonight:Voyage, soft&skin