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Friday, April 3, 2015


So Summer and Chewy are characters from 'Hopefully Temporary' and the plan is to have this story share it's digital space with another story about the morality and choices we make in life. Right now it's call 'Justice' but because of several variables (in reality as well in the story) I'm going to have to call it something else. Basically three heroes must go and stop another hero who is much closer to a force of nature than a superhero. So the sketch is Joel, a young woman with the ability to manipulate the effect of magnetic fields much like magneto from marvel comics. She struggles to understand that there are other colors than black and white in the choices we make in life. Unlike myths, movies and lore in reality choices we make and choices we are victim to heavily affect and sometimes alter the paths we take in to our future. There really are instances with no first or initial wrong, so 'how' or even 'can' these conflicts be ultimately justified? So the idea is there are three venues to attempt to stop this character: Force, dialogue or seduction. Joel tries to find her place in between them.

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